Beni Ouarain Rug

Beni Ouarain Rug

Beni Ouarain rugs are the top quality rug, known as the royal rug. They are the most sought after in all of Morocco and have been for hundreds of years. Made in the Middle Atlas Mountains they are the epitome of warmth and luxury. The women have created these with amazing artistic effect following no particular rules and create the carpet with her own sensitivity. You’ll see each one with different symbols which tell true stories from each weaver’s life. 


Once you get a traditional oriental wool rug, you never look back! Be prepared for it to brighten and bring out the charm in your home. They truly are a valuable, functional, art piece. Each piece is one of a kind. They add the perfect amount of color and texture to any space! Known for their durability, comfort and easy maintenance. Made to have for a lifetime and keep for generations! A heirloom you can pass down or have in the family to be enjoyed.


Size: Length 8’2” x Width  4’11”

-100% sheep wool, undyed
-If necessary spot wash with a gentle clear cleaner. Additional care tips can be found on the website


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We take our photos in natural and clean lighting sources to stay true to the natural vibrant colors already in the product. 


Each piece is hand selected by us for you. If you are looking for a different color combination or size contact us for a custom order. 


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